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Right Approach For The Management Of Slipped Disc Pain!

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Right Approach for the Management of Slipped disc Pain- Read to know! 

What is slipped disc?

A slipped disc refers to the intervertebral disc of the spine that no longer could retain its shape and consistency. When the nucleus pulpous (disc’s softer material) bulges or leaks out on the external fibrous covering this condition is referred to as herniated disc or slipped disc. A slipped disc is also called prolapsed or herniated disc, ruptured and torn disc, so if you come across such terms don’t get confused as these are names for the same condition.

Disc are shock absorbers and these discs are responsible for transferring weight /load evenly so there is no pressure on one part of the disc. Furthermore, when slipped disc occurs it affects the entire segment responsible for (motion), and at the same time, it is often seen that slipped disc affects adjacent, vertebrae, connective tissue, and nerve herniated or slipped disc is more common in the lower back followed by the neck.

What Are Its Causes?

Natural degeneration of the disc can be the reason for the slipped disc and it is common in the elderly where the sticky nucleus pulpous becomes dry and loses its elasticity.
Trauma: Trauma to the disc resulting from any lifting heavy load, incorrect posture whiplash injury. So it is important to know the cause of slipped disc and your doctor will probe the condition and will run a few tests.

The site of pain varies from patient to patient as in some people it may cause the pain in the local area such as neck and back and on the contrary, in some patients pain, occurs at distant location i.e. extremities arms and legs. In addition in some patients, it is painless and there is no sign of pain and often diagnosed when tests are done for some other conditions. To help you understand here we bring you the types of pain in the slipped disc so that you can recognize look forward to the right treatment.

What Are Its Types?

There are various types of pain caused due to slipped disc. The list is given below:

Nerve pain
Chronic localized pain
Its signs and symptoms
Lower back pain
Tingling sensation in arms, legs, hands, or feet
Trouble in forwarding, bending
Difficulty in straightening of the back
Weakened muscle
Pain in hips, leg, or buttocks

How Is Slipped Disc Diagnosed?

Your GP will run some imaging tests to know the level of damage to the disc and the affected part. He may run some more tests to know the correct cause of the pain as sometimes pain arises due to a tumor, fracture, or any sort of infection. The correct diagnosis will help you get the right treatment thereby it will help in alleviating the condition. Furthermore, correct diagnosis is very important for the right step towards the management of the condition, if you are suffering from pain or any above listed two or more symptoms it is mandatory to consult with your doctor.

How Do You Treat It?

Treatment and management of slipped disc include alleviation of the pain and relaxation of the nearby muscle. It is common to see pain and stiffness in the affected area. Pain killers like Ol Tram 100 Mg are very effective treatment of the pain as it helps in alleviating severe pain. Along with meds your doctor will give prescribe other therapy as well.

Opioid meds give proven results against pain and discomfort as well are very effective in managing slipped disc pain. Pain relief meds like Ol Tram 100 Mg are powerful when it comes to managing pain. Since the condition is untreatable so the main motive is to halt its further progression i.e. take medical assistance. Here are some forms of cure that will help in improving the quality of life:

Manual therapy
Spinal injection
Surgery ( rare)
Structured exercise program
Meds like Ol Tram 100Mg or any pain relief med may be effective in managing pain and stiffness. It is important to find a holistic approach, so as to manage both: the condition and bouts of pain.


A slipped disc is a painful condition and with the right treatment, it can be managed easily. The main motive is to lessen pain and stiffness. One can buy from Online Generic Medicine Store Ol Tram 100Mg or any other meds as well, without any hassle and the best part is that you will get the best quality meds at your doorstep. The pain can radiate to the neck and extremities as well when the lower back is affected. Chronic conditions can be managed only through opioids as OTC meds are not effective in alleviating. Additionally, follow a comprehensive treatment to improve the quality of life, and also perform all your activities with ease.

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